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The East Essex Tri Leagues are a popular way for members to compete against each other for the chance to be crowned the club league champion. The leagues consist of a pre-published list of qualifying events within each category, those being as follows (male and female):-

Senior (17-39) Vet (40-49) Super Vet (50+)

There are different types of races within the league that attract a different number of points. The points are based on the events overall winning time (first male / first female). For single discipline events, points are against first EETC competitor. The maximum points that can be scored are as follows:

Run 80
Swim Time Trial 80
Bike Time Trial 80
Duathlon / Aquathlon 90
Triathlon 100
Half Ironman Distance 120
Full Ironman Distance 150

With the exception of the Ironman distance events, there is a defined list of qualifying events. Any one Ironman and any one Half Ironman event can be used in the league.

There are also a different number of events to complete for a full league season:-

Run 1
Swim Time Trial 1
Bike Time Trial 1
Duathlon/Aquathlon 1
Triathlon 3
Half Ironman Distance * 1
Full Ironman Distance * 1
Best of the Rest 2
Total 9

* Note: for adults the maximum number of triathlons to count is 5; the Half Ironman / Full Ironman must count as one of the 3 triathlons or best other events.