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Latest CSS Results

The CCS results for January and 9th February are now available via the swim training page.

EETC Tristar & Youth League

The Tristar & Youth leagues have updated, as of 6th Feb, including the results of the first two events for the Youths.

EETC Adult League 2017

The 2017 league events, and the 'scores on the doors' so far, are now available via the main menu. Many thanks to Ben Pickett and Chris Milne for the mammoth task of preparing a fun packed list of events to keep you busy throughout the season. As usual if there's any questions or queries re the adult league please contact Ben directly at benpickett@east-essex-tri-club.co.uk

EETC Hoodie/Zoodie Order

Hooray January payday is here! and just in time for the next EETC Hoodie/Zoodie order. Jo is now taking orders, via the form below - orders in by 17th Feb please.

TriStar & Youth League

The TriStar & Youth League events have been updated as of 16/1/2017. Please note that most clubs have now published their dates, many are open for entry and some selling out fast. If you have any queries, please contact either of the Junior League coordinators - Jenny Harley & Martin Cook

Basildon Aquathlon - Places going fast!

The Basildon Aquathlon is now showing full for both Tristar and Youth / Adult. Entry Central is still open for Wait List entries and all EETC Members adding their name to the Wait List will be given priority as spaces become available. Please make sure that your name is on the Wait List in Entry Central BEFORE FEBRUARY 1st to secure your place.

EETC AGM - Friday 20th January 2017

Every year, during January, we hold the East Essex Triathlon Club Annual General Meeting or AGM for short. This year the AGM will be held on Friday the 20th January, 2017 at Rayleigh Cricket Club, Rawreth Lane, SS11 8SP from 7.30pm for an 8.00 pm start. At this meeting the chairman and members of the committee will give a brief outline of the club's activities over the previous year, highlighting many of the inspiring individual and team achievements followed by a round up from the club treasurer who gives a brief outline of the club's accounts including income and expenditure over the previous year. There's also the opportunity for members to ask questions about any or all of the above. We finish off with the current committee standing down before the new committee is elected for 2017. All members are actively encouraged to attend.
Thanks very much, Ian.

ps. Following my post regarding the AGM, the Club have decided to implement a modest increase in the cost of each of our Club training sessions effective from the 1st February, 2017. Full details and the rational behind our decision will be announced at the AGM, however members will still be able to purchase the pre-paid adult and child vouchers at the current price up until the end of January. These vouchers will also be available to buy at the AGM. Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you next Friday the 20th at Rayleigh Cricket Club. Don’t forget the bar will be open.


England Athletics membership provides challenges for all of us so the following information will be useful:

EA membership runs from 1 April to 31 March, therefore:


Lists of the TriStar & Youth League events are now available via the main menu. As well as established favourites, there are a few new challenges. Note that some of the events are already open for entry & others will be opening soon and are likely to fill up fast. Please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment


- Important information, please read carefully.

Happy New Year everyone. What better way to start the new year than by renewing your membership!
Please do this via entry central at https://www.entrycentral.com/eetcmembership.

There is a £5 discount if you renew in January.

This year the basic membership fee does not include membership of England Athletics because they have increased their annual membership fee to £14 and the club will no longer be subsidising this. If you wish to take up membership of England Athletics via the club you will have to pay £14 on top of your basic club membership. All the membership options (with or without EA) are on the Entry Central website, please choose carefully. Please note, only those with EA membership will be eligible for club London marathon places.

Remember that when filling in medical conditions this will go on your membership card. We recommend you carry this with you when training, especially if you are out on your own. The details could help the emergency services help you, so please fill it in accurately and succinctly; 'Awesome', 'Balding' and 'old age' are not medical conditions! If you have none then leave it blank.

If you have any queries, please email membership@east-essex-tri-club.co.uk; we cannot properly monitor messages over Facebook, Facebook Messenger or Twitter so will only respond to emails.

Hope you all have an awesome 2017!


Archive news for 2016 can be found here: 2016 News Archive and further back via the main menu.


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