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The Dirty Rules

The Dirty League 2013

The concept:

The Dirty League has been introduced to encourage participation in the muddy arts of triathlon. We have chosen events that will complement your training and challenge you in slightly different ways to a standard triathlon. Where possible we have kept to the shortest version of event possible so that this league stays accessible to all.

You will often find that the change of terrain levels goes a long way to levelling out the playing field: lane swimming, tribars and fast laps of the running track don’t count for much when you get a mouth full of lake water, arrive at a muddy corner with both wheels sliding and have water running down the 45 degree climb you have to run up!

The same selection of events will be used as in the normal league but you might need a longer shower afterwards… and so will your bike… and your trainers!

The scoring:

One swim, one bike, one run, one aquathlon, one duathlon and one triathlon will count towards your league store. The swim, run, and cycle will score out of 80 with each finisher getting their score based on their time as a percentage of the winner’s time. An example – The winner finishes in 30 minutes and gets 80 points, you finish in 40 minutes so your league score would be (30/40)x80= 60 points (please note this scoring is different from the standard club league which scores these events relative to the first EETC finisher instead of the winner).

The aquathlon and duathlon will score out of 90 and the triathlon will score out of 100 with the scores calculated as a percentage of the race winner’s time. This is the same as the normal league

The benefits:

First and foremost training in challenging conditions will help you to become a fitter and stronger competitor. Mass start swims will give you a chance to practice drafting and get used to the close contact you will experience at the start of an open water triathlon. Cycling off road will improve your bike handling skills and the constant variation in terrain and extra friction of grass and mud will give a tough workout. Cross country running on undulating or hilly terrain provides a very stiff challenge to your heart, lungs and leg muscles but without the impact to your joints of running on tarmac.

The winners:

There will be three:

The Events:

There are 21 elegible events on the dirty calendar for 2013 covering all the required categories.

Follow the links below for a fully up-to-date version of the current events list, with all the necessary links and latest info for each event, and a printable version of these instructions.

Best of Luck.

Martin Cook

The Dirty League